Thursday, August 07, 2008

Windows Defender Bypass Genuine

How to Install Windows Defender Final bypassing Genuine Windows Validation...

Recently Microsoft has released the final version of Windows Defender, the Free Anti Spyware from Microsoft. But still you will face a problem while installing this new Windows Defender if your copy of Windows XP is not a genuine (non-pirated) one, since Windows Defender installation requires windows genuine advantage (WGA) validation! SO what to do ??

But there are some tricky steps through which you can install Windows Defender Final even in your pirated copy of windows XP bypassing the genuine windows validation. You just have to follow the following steps one by one:

  1. At first, download Windows Defender Final from the Microsoft Site. Alternatively you can download it directly from the link below (32 bit or 64 bit processor):

  2. Then download Orca (a .msi package editor) from the link below:

  3. Now extract Orca, you have just downloaded, using Winzip or any file decompressing tool you like. And then install it (Orca.msi) in your PC.

  4. Now right click on the WindowsDefender.msi, you have downloaded in step 1, and select 'Edit with Orca'. Then Windows Defender will be opened with Orca as the following window popped up:

  5. In the Orca’s left pane, click on CustomAction.

  6. Now right click on the CHECK_WGA in the right pane...

    and then select 'Drop Row'.

  7. Again on the left pane of Orca, just click on the 'Dialog'.

  8. And select CheckWGA on the right pane...

  9. Then double click on the Attribute value of CheckWGA in order to change its value from 2(two) to 0(zero).

  10. Finally save the modified WindowsDefender.msi from File -> Save. (you have to select save, not save as).

  11. Now install Windows Defender Final by running the WindowsDefender.msi file, you have just modified. And then you are done!

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