Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sompoton Of Sabah

Sompoton is a traditional Kadazan music instruments for the Dusun tribes in Sabah. Traditionally it was from Kampung Tikolod, Tambunan. It is now prevalent among Dusuns and Muruts. It is made of a double raft of eight bamboo pipes inserted into a gourd. Inside the gourd, seven of the pipes have small polod palm lamellae or sodi inserted into their sides and kept in place by beeswax or sopinit.

The eighth soundless pipe is stopped up with sopinit. The player blows and sucks air through the gourd mouth-piece to activate the sodi. The musical sound produced can be likened to a cross between the sounds from a conventional mouth organ and a bagpipe, minus the latter's shrillness. Often it is played solo, for personal expression.

here is sound of the "sompoton".

From: youtube
Credit for: Bosou

Sompoton nopo nga iso ot tuniuni tulun dusun id sabah. sompoton nopo nga wininsoi matad id poring om tou. haro ot walu poring pino sambung id tou. poring nopo diti nga pinibaris dot duo.

"Amu kobulun dot sumuang nug aiso koruhang" / "Tidak berani masuk kalau tiada kawan" / "Dare not enter if there are no friend "

kalu kamu org terror... jawap la.... answer it if u can...... hahahaha

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