Friday, April 23, 2010

I Am So Greatful To Be...... ME

Today is beginning of my life,
I am starting over today,
All good things are come to me,
I am greatful to be alive...

I see beauty all around me,
I live with passion and purpose,
I take time to laugh and play everyday,
I am awake, energized and alive...

I focus on all the good things in life,
And give thinks for every one of them,
I am at peace and one with everything,
I feel the love, the joy and the abundance...

I am free to be my self,
I am magnificence in human form,
I am perfection of life,
I am so greatful to be......ME.....


Jojoe said...

you are grateful to be u..Thank God for that because we must appreciate ourself as the creation of God.. n im grateful to know you, because you left a deep footprints in my life..hepy to know you..hope this frenship never ends.. ;)

Victor Tan said...

:) be yourself. eh? Sabahan! xD

kenwooi said...

we have to be appreciative with what we have =)