Friday, November 05, 2010

50 Ways to Find Inspiration when your feeling down!

We all go through periods when we feel down no matter how successful we may be or may not. Whether its something simple like a gloomy day or a catastrophe these 50 ways to find inspiration when your feeling down will help you! I even keep this list handy at my office, so if I'm feeling down and am in need of a self improvement pick me up I can grab it and start taking action on something constructive right away. This may be beneficial to you as well! Enjoy, and remember Success Demands Action.

  1. Read an article on
  2. Talk to someone you love and care about.
  3. Watch a movie or read a book.
  4. Read an inspirational story or self improvement book.
  5. Watch a Youtube video that will inspire you.
  6. Read Chicken Soup for the Soul
  7. Read The Secret
  8. Recall great moments from the past that make you smile.
  9. Think about the things you are good at and all the things you have.
  10. Connect with a old friend on
  11. Listen to music.
  12. Look for a new job, something that fulfills you?
  13. Get back to that sport you stopped playing.
  14. Read about successful people.
  15. Start a business.
  16. Look for a date.
  17. Draw something.
  18. Listen to a inspiring audio while driving
  19. Go for a drive and just think
  20. Visit a place you've never visited.
  21. Learn a language you thought you could never learn.
  22. Get some inspirational wallpapers for your computer.
  23. Read some inspirational quotes.
  24. Take a walk.
  25. Go on a long hike with a group of people.
  26. Call up your old friends and relatives.
  27. Sing out loud as loud as you can
  28. Join a dance club.
  29. Use
  30. Take some pictures
  31. Begin writing in a journal
  32. Write anything. Don't think, just write as the thoughts come.
  33. Meditate in solitude.
  34. Spend some time with nature.
  35. Break your routine. Do something unexpected.
  36. Explore religion.
  37. Exercise. Do yoga.
  38. Go to the ocean
  39. Volunteer for a noble cause.
  40. Help someone with a task.
  41. Teach and share knowledge.
  42. Create a blog.
  43. Play with your pet or get a pet.
  44. Cook something amazing or get some good food like fruits, or treat yourself Pizza!
  45. Jog until you cannot jog anymore
  46. Go out and party with some friends, break loose a little.
  47. Form a new habit.
  48. Quit something you've always been trying to quit.
  49. Listen to what people around you have to say.
  50. Go Kayaking

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