Thursday, May 13, 2010

How To Build Blog AND SnapDrive

You can click the link below to download it...

Task 1
Task 2

What is SnapDrive?..

We host most file extensions. Your data is safe with SnapDrive!

Free Storage
FREE Accounts include 5GB of space! Upload files via your mobile phone through!

Control  Panel
We make it simple to upload, share, store and manage your files with the Easy to Use control panel.

Photo Gallery
Share your photos with all your friends and family. Show off your photos today!

Music Videos
Quickly upload code to display music and videos to your website, MySpace or Xanga profile.

Access Files From  Anywhere
Create direct links to download and access files to email, instant messaging, web pages, forums and even your mobile phone!

gade say : Bagus juga ni.. kita boleh upload doc yang kita ingin kongsikan.... cuma, untuk yang free punya agak limit la... 2MB saja boleh upload dalam satu masa.... lebih dari itu kita kena pisah2kan and upload laaa....

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